第四屆華語視像藝術節徵片 Chinese Visual Festival 2014 Call for Entries

Chinese Visual Festival (華語視像藝術節CVF) is launching is its Call for Entries for the 2014 edition. Chinese Visual Festival is a leading cultural event showcasing Chinese-language creativity through films, contemporary art, music and more. With an annual event and screening sessions in London, a UK touring program and international expansion planned, Chinese Visual Festival presents Chinese realities to overseas audiences through imaginative conversations between moving images and art.


There is no restriction on the types of moving images that will be accepted, including documentaries, feature films, short films, animations and art videos. CVF 2014 aims to highlight works that cross the boundaries of film and art. As a leading event promoting Chinese-language creativity, we will only accept entries from filmmakers and artists who are citizens and residents of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, as well as members of Chinese communities around the world.


The 2014 festival will be hosted by our academic partner, King’s College London, and take place between 9th May and 17th May 2014. The deadline for submissions is 31st December 2013.

Submit an Entry
A copy of the application form (here attached) should be completed, signed and sent via post together with film copies.
All films must be submitted on 3 DVDs (Region Free) for consideration by the Selection Committee.
All films submitted must be available for festival exhibition in, BLU-RAY, HDCam PAL*** NOT HDCam SR ***, Digibeta (PAL) or Beta SP (PALfor presentation. DVDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR EXHIBITION SCREENING.
所有報名影片須備有以下展播版本:Digital File數字文件(specifics as below stated文件技術參數見下),BLU-RAY、HDCam PAL、Digibeta (PAL) 或Beta SP (PAL)。
Digital File Specifics 數字文件技術參數要求:
Video Properties 視頻;
Format- 1080p HD
Resolution - 1920 x 1080
Rate - 25p
Codec - Quick Time (mov) - .H264
Audio Properties音頻;
Rate - 48kHz
Depth - 16-bit
Config - Stereo Downmix or Channel Grouped
Submissions should be sent to: James Mudge, 8 Old Lodge Place, St Margarets, Twickenham, London TW1 1RQ, United Kingdom
Submissions should arrive no later than 31st December 2013.
所有報名資料請寄往:James Mudge, 8 Old Lodge Place, St Margarets, London TW1 1RQ, United Kingdom。報名資料最遲須在2013年12月31日寄至,如因郵遞原因導致報名資料未能及時抵達,將無法入選,我們建議您盡早寄出資料。
Films not in English must include English subtitles.
The cost of shipping an entry must be paid by the entrant.
DVD screeners and BLU-RAY discs will not be returned. Selected entries will be required to send screening copies upon selection notice.
We advise sending a BLU-RAY copy upon submission of the 3 Region-free DVD copies to the Selection Committee.
No submission fee is charged.

Selection Procedure
Entries will be reviewed and selected by a jury consisting of curators, academics and critics. Originality and creativity in capturing Chinese realities in a manner that can reach an international audience will be given preference. We are especially eager to show works that cross the boundaries of film and art.
所有報名作品將由評審委員會甄選。委員會成員由策劃人、學者、影評人等組成。我們將優先選擇以新鮮創意的方式展現華語社會現實、 能打動國際觀眾的作品。跨越電影與藝術界限的作品將優先考慮。
The CVF 2013 jury will select the following:
1 Grand Prix Award
1 Jury Award
1 Best Original Award
CVF 2013 will also invite the audience to vote for the following awards:
1 Audience Award First Prize
1 Audience Award Second Prize
1 Audience Award Third Prize
大獎 一名
最佳原創獎 一名
最受觀眾歡迎獎一等獎 一名
最受觀眾歡迎獎二等獎 一名
最受觀眾歡迎獎三等獎 一名

If you have any questions about the submission procedure, please contact Jingjing Xie (E:jingjing_xie@hotmail.com Wechat: Jingjing_Xie_CVF)